Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spark Story Starters

Last year, I started working with the delightful Tamara Vukusic on a project that would encourage creativity in children. She had an idea for a card game and app that would prompt imaginative answers and encourage parent-child conversation. Tamara and I got along right away, as we are both moms of young children and seek to balance motherhood and creative work. :)

In short, I created artwork for two of her projects, "Spark Story Starters" and "KidCart". Both are apps available on iTunes, and "Spark Story Starters" is also available as a deck of cards. "Spark Story Starters" is a creativity prompt game, while "KidCart" is a shopping list app that encourages children to help with the grocery shopping. I drew over 100 grocery items for that one!

I had so much fun being a part of these two projects, and I am especially happy to see how well "Spark Story Starters" is being received by both parents and educators! I play the app with my daughter quite often. She is now 4, and her answers to the questions have really evolved in complexity since we first started playing.  (Check out the Spark website!)

Here is one of my earlier designs for Spark.  I liked this version too, but in the end we went with a design that worked as a more recognizable brand.  Besides, this version looks a little naked.. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

IF: Influence

My 4-year-old copies me when I do yoga or crunches in the living room. 

IF: Influence

And the sketch:
Sketch for IF: Influence

Thursday, August 18, 2011

IF: Swell

My summer has been very busy! Vacations, family visits, play dates, feeding two growing little ones, losing the baby weight, not to mention.. getting back to work! I've been drawing a few very fun projects this past month and hope to talk about them at a later time.

The busy summer has left me little time to draw just for fun, but I managed to squeeze in an Illustration Friday for this week.. Went with the first thing that came to mind when I saw the word "Swell"!

Note: I have only surfed once my entire life.

IF: Swell

Here's the sketch:
Sketch for IF: Swell