Thursday, April 17, 2008

Process 1

I thought I might document the process of one of my paintings in progress. Lately, my work is not planned out beforehand. I work quickly and paint the elements in as they feel necessary.

For this painting, I quickly filled a 16x16 canvas with an underpainting of wet blends and spattering. At this stage I paid attention to colour balance and how I felt in the moment.

1 hour into the painting.

Once the canvas was filled, I continued to layer spatters and washes, and added several texture elements. Most of this stage was done with a round #2 brush. I stood back from the painting several times and paid attention to the balance of everything. The dark patch in the left-hand side of the canvas started to look like trees, so I brought that out.

3.5 hours into the painting.

At this point, I glazed the entire surface with gloss gel medium. I've never done that before but wanted to accentuate the 'layered' effect of this painting.

To be continued...

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