Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Run Bike & Wagon

Back in April, a friend commissioned me to draw two pieces for her son's bedroom.  I finally completed them last week!  Procrastination is a frightening thing.  I'm pretty happy with the end result, however, so I hope the wait was worth it.


The bike has no pedals, because it is a "run bike", a relatively new invention for toddlers to develop their sense of balance and, theoretically, skip the training wheel phase.  Our own Bean wants nothing to do with bicycles and things with wheels, but the 2-year-old boy for whom I drew this picture is very skilled on his run bike, zipping down the sidewalk at top speeds!


rebekah said...

this is so much fun! i'm glad you tossed the procrastination monster out of the window :p i love that little bear going BANZAI! hehee

the enigma said...

beautiful work with colored pencil, so fun!