Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Website!

Lately, I have been feeling envious of all of you awesome artists and illustrators out there, not only for your fancy talent but for your fancy portfolio websites!  With the new year, I am pushing myself out of my 'shy' comfort zone and am focusing on getting my work out into the world.  It has always been my dream to be a freelance illustrator, particularly in children's publishing (like many of you), and I finally just asked myself one day, "what are you waiting for?"  Last fall, I attended an illustrators conference for my local chapter of the SCBWI, and received much encouragement from the wonderful people there.  I've officially decided to follow my heart! 
So, I am very proud to announce: is officially open!! 

I also painted up a little logo to put on my letterheads for illustration-related correspondence.  The subject matter came easily:
I know that the road ahead is long, but is so totally worth the effort.  Thanks for your support thus far, and I'll keep you posted as my journey develops!


Shirley said...

Yaaaaahooooo!!! Alissa! It's a wonderful site! Congratulations for getting this huge project's easy to navigate and really shows your work well. What a sweet little "logo" you've created too! I wish you nothing but success in the children's book world. It's only a matter of time, I know it. : )

Susan Beth Studio said...

Hooray for you Alissa! You have a "real" website, my "website" is really just another blog, only on Wordpress. I don't use it as a blog at all, but just a showcase, someday I'll get a real one I have to pay for. I looked through yours, it's fabulous, and you have a great photo of you and your dog - love it! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your regional conference. I'll be attending mine for New England, USA in May, really looking forward to it. That's so great you're doing this now, my kids are 15 and 12! Cheers, Susan

Lindsay Dee said...

Pan Pan must be so proud to be your official logo!!!