Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Process for "IF: Focused"

I thought I'd post some process pictures for this week's IF piece.  I like seeing other artists' process posts, so maybe mine will be of use to somebody.

First, I drew a few different thumbnails of ideas in my sketchbook, then I went straight into Painter and drew a rough sketch.

After getting the composition worked out, I went back and changed the size of the camera lens to emphasize this week's theme:

The rough drawing was turned into a transparent layer.  I then picked out my colour palette and created all of my paint layers.  (Each element in the image was divided into several layers.)
  From there, it was a matter of creating texture and depth to each layer using the dry chalk, pastel, and airbrush tools.  I also brought in a photographed texture for the floor.  I love Painter and all of the art materials available in it!


Shirley said...

Alissa! This is SO great. I love the concept and to see your process and final piece is just smashing. He looks like my brother! And I like that you adjusted the lens to make it even more emphasized. Great piece!

As for Monsieur...well, let's just say that he has picked up that book from here: http://shirleysillustrations.blogspot.com/2009/12/last-thing-to-do-on-night-before.html

: )

Have a great rest o' the week!

Elisa said...

i love seeing how you also blog the process. fascinating!!