Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A lovely and very talented group of illustrators have launched their website, We Love To Illustrate. Their group theme for July is "Picnic", and are welcoming other illustrators to join in the fun.

Obento Picnic

I chose my favourite food-related subject: bento boxes! I often make little lunch boxes for Bean:

Chicken Karaage Bento

When I was little, I was embarrassed about bringing Japanese bento boxes to school and demanded that my mom only put my lunches in brown paper bags. I hope Bean grows up in a community where people of all backgrounds bring their bento boxes for lunch!


Julissa said...

Hi Alissa! I like the diversity in your picnic bunch and how cute that they all have bento boxes. I want one!

Jack Foster said...

This is a great one for the picnic theme. It will be a great addition to all the talented artist's picnics.

Shirley said...

Alissa ...WOW look at all of the wonderful details!! I'm so thrilled to see that you've participated at the WLTI blog..it's awesome of you, really it is!! This is a super piece..I hope you are proud of it..so much detail and such a great trip down memory lane for you..I agree, I want a bento box! : ) Hope you've been well!

Christina Zemelka said...

this is really cute!

Alissa said...

Thank you for the kind comments!