Thursday, December 2, 2010

IF: Savour

Happy December! For this week's Illustration Friday piece, I thought I'd try again at digitally painting over a watercolour base painting. It was fun to do. :)

IF: Savour

Here's the original watercolour:
Underpainting for "IF: Savour"


Forrest Illustrations said...

I like how you show your watercolor and your digital work. Nice. Your color is really good and I like the patterns you have.

Kayleen Cavill (West) said...

Very sweet. She looks very content with her cuppa. Know the that feeling.

June said...

Isn't it amazing how digital adjustments allow you to bring out the best strengths of the watercolour image, and knock back anything overpowering! This mixed media piggy image is lovely.

ghostkitten said...

what a dainty little pig. sweet.