Monday, January 10, 2011

Sketch for IF: Deja Vu

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm still digging myself out of my to-do list pile, sketching and painting and mothering and getting kicked in the ribs very frequently!

Here is my sketch for this week's Illustration Friday, "Deja Vu".  I want to paint it in watercolour/digital. I will do my best to have it completed by Thursday night, but shall make no promises. ;)

IF: Deja Vu

I see many of you writing your 2011 goals. With baby due in April, I don't want to set any soaring expectations that I'm very unlikely to achieve. Once he or she is here, my only plan is to play everything by ear. Until then, my primary focus is to beef up my portfolio and client list. Good luck to everyone - I have good feelings about this year!


Kunio said...

Are the girls sisters? Are the cats twins?

Jack Foster said...

Hey Alissa! Congrats on the baby! love this illo! I hope we get to see it colored. Great characters and composition!