Saturday, July 2, 2011

IF: Remedy

IF: Remedy

Summer is here! I hope you all see as few scraped knees as possible this summer. At least we know the remedy, right?

Here's the sketch:
Sketch for IF: Remedy


Rabbit Town Animator said...

Aaaw! I used t do that when I scraped my knees...nothing cheers a kid up better than cookies and milk! Very cute illustration.

Nathanael Lark said...

Oh so true! I think I may have even faked a few injuries for cookies when I was a kid. Great job on this!

Roberta Baird said...

Ouch... Cookies make everything better!
Cute one Alissa!

Sarah's Imagination said...

I remember getting skinned knees. Owch! Excellent rendering here and great texture.