Sunday, January 22, 2012

IF: Twirl

So, I was not able to finish digitally painting last week's "Prepare", but it is coming along alright and I hope to finish it sometime soon.

I've been playing around with brush inking & acrylics lately, so I tried out this week's Illustration Friday, "Twirl", in that style.  It was a quick exercise for a Sunday afternoon, and I had fun painting it. 

IF: Twirl

Here's the sketch:

Sketch for IF: Twirl

Incidentally, the red panda is my favourite animal.  :)


Lisa Anne Baumbach said...

I love the movement in it. This is helpful to see since I am still working on including movement in my illustrations. Terrific!

Jess said...

Sweet! Movement is a hard thing to master and I love the character!

Cindy D. said...

Ah, so cute! A very happy and fun red panda.