Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Upload Guilt!

Hellooo out there!  It has been a while!  ...Since June, it says?!  OMG. 
I hope everyone has been well and living happy, creative lives.  <3 br="br">
Playground Pirates
I can come up with hundreds of excuses for not blogging, but I'll only mention three here.  First, I've noticed a huge challenge when it comes to updating stuff online.  Many (most) contracts say I can't show my work online until a given project is publicly revealed.  Even if I'm drawing all the time, it takes a while before my artwork comes to the surface, and by then it's already "old work" to me and though I haven't forgotten about it, I am likely excited and preoccupied about whatever secret project I'm working on next, creating this difficult cycle which, coupled with laziness, results in the blog going stale.  My sincere apologies.  

Speaking of laziness, even when I draw sketches for fun, many of them don't even make it to the scanner.  Those little guys I do forget about.  But I really hope to break this bad habit.  The sketch above did make it to the scanner, so I thought I'd post it in the meantime while I get my ducks in a row for the fall.

Lastly, the summer really, really, kicked my butt as a work-at-home mom.  My 4 year old wanted to try out several different summer activity camps, and my 1 year old was napping less, and we went out of town every other weekend.  Any time for my own needs, including work AND drawing for fun, (not to mention exercise, etc.), diminished down into maybe 5 hours a week, total.  Needless to say, I had an incredibly understanding client over the summer, possibly the world's best, and I had to let go of any personal projects for the time being.

So there are my excuses, but I have learned from them and am moving on!  The delightful world of illustration is always a learning process.  

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